High School English Teacher request:
I want a place where I can put an assignment and they can log in and answer the prompt. Do you think a WIKI would be more helpful?

Please offer some solutions to this question. I am thinking class blogs, but I'm not sure that's the best solution. Any thoughts are appreciated!

I'd take a look at Edmodo - best person to talk to is Ben Wilkoff (@bhwilkoff on Twitter) - he should be able to suggest ways of setting it up. I love wikis and often they are the answer, but Edmodo has some great features. Plus its FB like (but cleaner) look reinforces the idea of being professional online.... fr Melissa Techman.

I would second the Edmodo idea. If done as an assignment, the writing can be graded with comments from the teacher and it only goes to the teacher. Also, Edmodo is more versatile allowing a variety of student-teacher interactions in a secure and safe place. Kidblog might be another option because it is tied to classes. Edmodo would be my first choice. fr John Woodring

Edmodo is good for assignments you grade. Kidblog is excellent for the students getting authentic responses from other people. I have a search set up in my Tweetdeck for #comments4kids. Each evening I go through it and leave comments on different blogs by students. Kimberly Herbert

If your school has Google Apps, Google groups is a great choice for this, and what I use with my class.