South Carolina Standards Support System Curriculum Project

Day 1 - July 26, 2008
Day 2 - July 8
Day 3 - July 9
Day 4 - July 10
Day 5 - July 28
Other dates TBA

My group - Middle School ELA

The Simple Four (Research Process) from the Horry County School Page


SDE Academic Standards

ELA and how we will approach
Current doc final stages of revision
Use feedback to make final revisions

Four Grade bands

New ELA Standards to be relased first, so on the fast track to be done
Meet today until 4
COmeack 3 days ii July @ Saluda Shoals Park
A more definite plan for those days will come form accomplishments today.
Use collective efforts.

Goal to have these ready at onset of school for PD efforts

Courage by Bernard Waber
Courage is something it took t get through the project to create the standards.

Why we have standards; what the SDE is charged with doing and why?

Leg in Ed Ac Act SDE will create standards across the curriculum and each area will review through a cyclical review process 5-7 years to ensure they are relevant to newest expectations
What we expect at the end of grade level or course.
Standards are what loacl and state curricul is based on.
THis is first proj in a while to devel a curricula that is in line with standard and is valid/reliable/usable in good conc to prepare students for succes.

ELA just underwent revisions.

MAy 2008 final aproval of ELA Revisions

Groups have been created to work on support documents--that is why we are here today.

Feedback sought and analyzed
Trends noted:

  1. Clarify Verbs (i.e. exemplify --> changed to classify; Understand -->Recognize; Carryout independent reading --> Read independ) SDE relaxed the use of the revised bloom's words
  2. Clarify Text Types a clarifying box is given that lists the types of materials to read (fiction, literary nonfiction, poetry, and drama.)
  3. Understanding Informational Text (groc receipt, manual,)
  4. Non print (pix, videos, movie, live performance)
  5. INfo text
  6. Grammar (merged with editing)
  7. Grade BAnd Alignments resulted in alighnement of concept teaachers can see how skill progresses over time
  8. Greek and Latin roots and prefixes; Comprehension strategies literary text/ informational text
  9. Suport Documents vs Instructional Appenixes
  10. Clarification of Langauge
    for example" replaces "Such as"; Including.... means absolute --must do.
  11. Phonics and Phonemic Awareness
  12. Spelling assessed on extended response and in informal class assements
  13. Suggested Reading Mateirals LIst not an absolute, a starting point form Indiana Department of Eduction

Doc organization
  • Intro
  • Standards/indi
  • Appendixes
  • Glossary

Teachers nee d it all, and NOT just their grade band.

10 Guiding Principales